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 What is Guided Imagery and Guided Meditation?

Both are terms for the experience of allowing your imagination, in a state of meditation,  to quiet your “mind chatter” and bring your focus inward to experience peace and quietude.  It is similar to daydreaming… but with a focus.  Sometimes the focus or goal is to experience a state of relaxation, other times the focus can be to enhance your ability to heal, increase skill levels, decrease pain, or to experience a Spiritual connectivity.  The goals and focus of Guided Imagery/Meditation are only limited by your ability to allow your imagination to open new windows of experience.

This “active daydreaming” can allow you to access inner wisdom and abilities that we have been untapped.  It is now widely used in major hospitals to assist patients to decrease pain and increase healing.  Studies have shown patients who use Guided Imagery/Meditation often heal faster and…

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