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Igor Presnyakov

PotSoup for the Soul

IggyAn acoustic guitar has something about it, a soulfulness and an ability to deliver goose pimples like no other instrument can. It is perhaps no wonder why I find myself looking for guitar covers of famous songs on YouTube. It was in this search that I stumbled upon Igor Presnyakov. The first video I saw of his was the Pirate of Caribbean theme. If your bandwidth makes YouTube possible you would have come across many versions of this tune on many instruments. So when I saw a short stout pinkish middle aged man I wasn’t exactly expecting anything great. The long hair and the Pirate hat weren’t helping either but the number of views caught my attention. What is one more fool in a million? I indulged and I am glad I did.

While the music at 1st wasn’t all that exceptional, the Russian named chap had surprised me by…

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precious ruthless captures

To analyze the charms of flowers

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Mother- Cover



Spent my last fuck on the last one,

New day, new dame, another fuckin’ mess-up

I’m still in love with the statement,

Summer love is amazin’.

Verse One.

Yea, I bet she still flaunt floral skirts,

Another kid wonderin’ what a private peak worth

Those memories, the last thing I want to keep,

Could hardly stand lickin’ just the tips of her white teeth

Writin’ little poems, storing graphic prints into folders,

Livin’ off some summer dreams. waitin’ for my big moment.

But, when the time came for his main showing,

He hopped off to Skyrim and pretended like he was straight stoic.

Chorus. ~ 

Verse Two.

Bowls packed, laid back, mixin’ some of Frank’s tracks,

Twenty teens sippin’ Coors, Ocean waves kept us groovin’,

Sideline suitor comes to catch some sweet maneuvers

From this new girl’s elusive moves I’d been pursuin’.

Tell this blonde beauty how…

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When Rise Against took to the stage of Orion Music + More 2013 Festival Day 1, their performance was nothing short of amazing.  Performing with energy, engaging the crowd, and as always…putting on a show, Rise Against were on of the many highlights at Orion Fest.  The band went on to play many of their hits including, ‘Satellite,’ ‘Prayer of the Refugee,’ and ‘The Good Left Undone.’

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mind of a moon

New Pedal Day! Line 6 Bass Pod Live XT

God is so good! Those floodgate of heaven, man…they’re unreal. So I got this Line 6 bass pedal (a $200 value!) for FREE NINETY-NINE! My good friend Noahlani blessed me with it…God is good, man. The fruits of serving the Lord have been becoming more and more apparent. Galatians 6:9, man…don’t grow weary of doing good; we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up.

It just needs a power supply…well, I got a $200 thingy for free, so I ain’t complainin’.

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The Windswept Edge

Choice Cuts: Halo of Blood,  Transference, Bodom Blue Moon (The Second Coming), All Twisted

Let’s talk about my love affair with the band before I begin. Bodom were a huge influence on my overall music tastes circa 2005 and essentially introduced me to black, death and extreme metal, guitar harmonies, the use of a keyboard within metal, the screaming vocal style, and gang vocals. That’s a pretty huge spectrum. They also set off my love for aggression tempered with extremely melodic guitar leads, and this is probably the element of the band’s sound which I enjoy the most. I remember the first time I listened to ‘Hatebreeder’: it blew my mind, and it still does today. To me, the band’s first four albums are impermeable masterpieces, but criticism got heaped on the band with the release of ‘Are You Dead Yet?’, which I feel is pretty justified. It had its…

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