PotSoup for the Soul

IggyAn acoustic guitar has something about it, a soulfulness and an ability to deliver goose pimples like no other instrument can. It is perhaps no wonder why I find myself looking for guitar covers of famous songs on YouTube. It was in this search that I stumbled upon Igor Presnyakov. The first video I saw of his was the Pirate of Caribbean theme. If your bandwidth makes YouTube possible you would have come across many versions of this tune on many instruments. So when I saw a short stout pinkish middle aged man I wasn’t exactly expecting anything great. The long hair and the Pirate hat weren’t helping either but the number of views caught my attention. What is one more fool in a million? I indulged and I am glad I did.

While the music at 1st wasn’t all that exceptional, the Russian named chap had surprised me by…

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