Lehrer Werkstatt

The other day when my daughter got a small plastic bead up her nose I was reminded that real learning hurts.  I had told her before about these kids I knew growing up who got pussy willows stuck up their noses.  She looked up at me in disbelief and said “Mommmmmmy.  I know you are kidding.”  After convincing her of my friends’ trials with those soft fluffy things, I gave her a stern warning.  Don’t stick stuff up your nose.  The thing is, kids don’t quite get warnings, and neither do adults for that matter.  For some reason we don’t learn until the consequences of our actions hurt.

I can think of so many times that I myself have had to learn lessons through pain.  Burners on stoves are really hot.  My mother warned me that snowy evening “Be careful, don’t put your hand up here.  The burner is hot.” …

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