Mother- Cover



Spent my last fuck on the last one,

New day, new dame, another fuckin’ mess-up

I’m still in love with the statement,

Summer love is amazin’.

Verse One.

Yea, I bet she still flaunt floral skirts,

Another kid wonderin’ what a private peak worth

Those memories, the last thing I want to keep,

Could hardly stand lickin’ just the tips of her white teeth

Writin’ little poems, storing graphic prints into folders,

Livin’ off some summer dreams. waitin’ for my big moment.

But, when the time came for his main showing,

He hopped off to Skyrim and pretended like he was straight stoic.

Chorus. ~ 

Verse Two.

Bowls packed, laid back, mixin’ some of Frank’s tracks,

Twenty teens sippin’ Coors, Ocean waves kept us groovin’,

Sideline suitor comes to catch some sweet maneuvers

From this new girl’s elusive moves I’d been pursuin’.

Tell this blonde beauty how…

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