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The New Obsession

If you have never heard of Jon Hopkins, put down what you are doing immediately and listen.

If you have heard of Jon Hopkins, put down what you are doing immediately and listen.

This track ‘Immunity’ literally stopped me from what I was doing when I heard it. The beats trip under a beautiful piece of piano and the whole song, which is almost 10 minutes long, is emotional and stunning.

This gem of a find then lead me to discover the whole ‘Immunity’ album which is a thoughtful musical journey from start to finish, powerful yet delicate and beautiful. An album that will be one of my favourites for 2013.

Go forth and enjoy!

Jon Hopkins - Gullick 300dpi08 - choice 2

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life in terms of music

Undeniably the best track on “Yeezus”, New Slaves is definitely worth a listen!

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Gutterrecords's Blog

20130615-062431.jpg Gutta Man(Strap-A-Holic) by @gutter_records on #SoundCloud

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Threw a line out to pull you to me
If you don’t get it, then you don’t get it
You made your mind up before you knew me
If you don’t get it, then you don’t get it

Take my hand for a minute

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Opet sam naišao na gomilu nove muzike, koju ću opet sastaviti (donekle) tematski. Ovaj put ću vam predstaviti nekoliko laganih stvari koje su IDEALNE za leto koje je konačno stiglo (da ne ureknem).

Prvo, predstavljam vam moje favorite, Fitness Club Fiasco (genijalno ime), bend koji malo liči na Bastille, ali su meni nekako slađi. You’ve got me standing on a goldmine/ When I’m looking into your eyes, peva frontmen Mike Harloff  u pesmi Goldmine, savršenoj sugar-pop pesmi  za nadolazeće letnje vrućine, bilo da se krijete od sunca u sobi ili skačete po plaži.

Drugi na redu su Lovelier Other, mnogo suptilniji, jednostavna produkcija, pomalo poznati instrumentali, koji su super za chill sa svojim easy-going pesmama kao što su kao što su Hidden Shelters ili meni draža Wonderkind. Savršeni ako ste planirali da provedete dan u krevetu listajući neki kul magazin, Lovelier Other su napravili odličan balans između…

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i like making noise

Gun .

New single out next month! Taken from debut album The Bones of What You Believe, which is due to be released 23rd September via Virgin Records. Pre-order it right here, right now.

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Lehrer Werkstatt

The other day when my daughter got a small plastic bead up her nose I was reminded that real learning hurts.  I had told her before about these kids I knew growing up who got pussy willows stuck up their noses.  She looked up at me in disbelief and said “Mommmmmmy.  I know you are kidding.”  After convincing her of my friends’ trials with those soft fluffy things, I gave her a stern warning.  Don’t stick stuff up your nose.  The thing is, kids don’t quite get warnings, and neither do adults for that matter.  For some reason we don’t learn until the consequences of our actions hurt.

I can think of so many times that I myself have had to learn lessons through pain.  Burners on stoves are really hot.  My mother warned me that snowy evening “Be careful, don’t put your hand up here.  The burner is hot.” …

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i_love_summer_break_mousepad-p144638130244031315trak_400I’ve learned many lessons this year, but I will end this school year with only one final thing I think is absolutely vital to the well-being of every single teacher on the planet, and that is being able to take a break, breathe, and regroup.

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