The Windswept Edge

Choice Cuts: Halo of Blood,  Transference, Bodom Blue Moon (The Second Coming), All Twisted

Let’s talk about my love affair with the band before I begin. Bodom were a huge influence on my overall music tastes circa 2005 and essentially introduced me to black, death and extreme metal, guitar harmonies, the use of a keyboard within metal, the screaming vocal style, and gang vocals. That’s a pretty huge spectrum. They also set off my love for aggression tempered with extremely melodic guitar leads, and this is probably the element of the band’s sound which I enjoy the most. I remember the first time I listened to ‘Hatebreeder’: it blew my mind, and it still does today. To me, the band’s first four albums are impermeable masterpieces, but criticism got heaped on the band with the release of ‘Are You Dead Yet?’, which I feel is pretty justified. It had its…

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