Vagabond Urges

The second little bottle of shampoo from the hotel in Istanbul emptied much faster than the first. Must be time for a haircut again.

Signs all over town advertise “The French Touch: Bakery, massage, pastry, haircut, internet.” Looks like a mutation in the evolution of tourism to me. Let’s find a local place.

Nampan marketNear the market where old women crouch by piles of chili peppers and purchases are weighed on ancient scales I found barbershop alley. The first was empty, but a passing man with a great smile told me where I could find another.

On a whim I asked if he worked in the tour place next door. He did, and that’s when I impulsively signed up for the overnight trek that got back yesterday. But that’s another story.

I passed the storage-unit-sized shops where various men were cutting various other men’s hair until I found one with an…

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