Humble Bones

‘Every Berliner’s favourite stop for a little greenery. If Görli were a person it’d be the scruffy hungover stoner who was struggling to roll his cigarette through half open, bloodshot eyes. He’d have a bushy hair style that was so wrong it was somehow right and be far friendlier than you’d think at first glance’

Once an old railway station, Görlitzer is now a full-time, run-down, graffiti-garnished park space. Innocent in the day, swarming with   children on tricycles and thousands of bright coloured finches – it holds an appeal which isn’t entirely noticeable upon first glance. But if you grab an Apfelschorle and lie amongst the crowds of people it wont take long before you begin to appreciate what is so special about this grundgy park of Berlin.

Goerlitzer Park

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