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Travel across the Atlantic Ocean in the days before jet aircraft was not exactly a trivial matter. Surface passenger liners took a week to travel between Europe and the United States. So in the 1930’s when Germany announced trans-Atlantic crossings by zeppelin which would take just a couple of days, the affluent jumped at the opportunity (“affluent” because it cost $400 U.S. for a one-way ticket, at a time when most workers in the U.S. earned less than a dollar an hour; in fact, minimum wage in 1938 was a quarter an hour). The result would easily have been a public relations coup for Nazi Germany, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

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Ashley Manning

ImageNeil Gaiman handing my girlfriend her book back, after misspelling her name.


I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts that I was going to London soon to meet Neil Gaiman, one of my favourite writers. Well today was that day and it was amazing. I got up early, got an early train to London, was completely squashed by two people. Basically ran to Forbidden Planet from the tube station. And in the end I got to meet, if only briefly, one of my idols and someone who has inspired my writing. Stardust, Coraline, American Gods. Epic novels that I’ve read over and over again.

I was disappointed in Forbidden Planet’s handling of the event. Stay in line for 2 hours, outside, get pushed into a line. I got told off for hesitating when handing Gaiman the book, and then pushed by someone else into the queue to pay for…

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The Ramen crew may have not been the first to stumble upon the fascinating eight year old Spidey-artist, but we still stumbled!

Ethan Castillo 01

This kid was amazing and we felt this is one of the things that Big Wow Comicfest’s opens up to, and that’s passion and talent from everywhere under the umbrella of comics. On the floor at Big Wow Comicfest, you can’t help but feel inspired by all the people that are there introducing new stories, new artists, new genres, new characters, and it becomes an absolute gift when you run into someone as young as Ethan Castillo drawing Spider-man or Marvel Comic characters because he loves to! You actually start to feel the kid in yourself while watching him draw! “It’s just fun!” – He says.

We also recognized the extent of love and support that Ethan’s parents give him and we can’t help but strongly say, great…

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Nothing Post

jawani_deewani_final_1361256819_600x450My fake sense of realism has inspired me to write this post. Imagine, I go and watch ” Yeh Jawani hai Deewani” in PVR gold glass and I have the balls to write this. Well pardon me for that moment of weakness when I grabbed the offer to see the movie in Gold Class for free :). But at this age and time proper back rest and leg space is really important.

But let’s get to the point of this post. Ayan Mukherjee ( Director)  and Husain Dalal ( Dialogue writer) are too good.

I love the fact that the film promoted trekking- never mind short skirt wearing girls running up the mountain though that would be really nice for a change. But honestly Dude-Ranbir you have never been on a trek else you would have asked Deepika – ” Suno bed pe to hum fit ho jayenge  but trek…

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Tvor Travels

This week’s WordPress challenge is Curves. I have lots of curvy photos. I couldn’t decide on what to choose or post a scattered random selection.  This was one of the photos I was definitely going to include and I think I’ll just post the photo and blog about where to find it.

The Morin Centre was the first English library in Quebec City, in the province of Quebec, Canada. Quebec is very much a French city in contrast to nearby Montreal which has a larger English population. I have a friend who lives in Quebec, she is the minister for the only English church inside the old walls of Quebec City (St. Andrew’s, Presbyterian, itself a very historic church). She lives in the Victorian manse which is next to the Morin Centre and took us over there when we visited last year.

It was originally a defensive area, next to…

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The Nameless One

ImageFood doesn’t need a story, say for how it’s made. Well in this case this goes long back, from where the original ingredients come from, the farms and well, slaughter houses. While I’m not the the insta-fooder (if you get what I mean) you find these days, I do share some posts on good meals in the ‘food’ tag here.

What these guys are making sure does look delicious already. Though I do appreciate good food (who doesn’t?) I don’t consider myself a foodie or anything, and well I’m hungry all the time.

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