John's Adventures

“You know about stingrays, right?”  I was asked.

“What?” I remarked, caught off guard.

We were nearly a mile from our starting point in the La Jolla Cove, so I really didn’t want to be discussing stingrays.  It was my first open water swim in the ocean, and I was barely getting used to all the weird feelings that come with sharing the water with unfamiliar plants and animals.  Fortunately, as I was told, I only have to worry about stingrays when I’m close to shore.  They don’t like to get stepped on, so as long as I shuffle and don’t walk when I’m coming into shore, I’m fine.  No problem, that’s not something I’ll forget.

As a follow-up to the stingray warning, I was also told “Don’t worry about the sharks, they just hang out at the bottom and won’t bother us.”  That I actually already knew about because…

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