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Steven Ichikawa Photography

Me and the dude Sean went to a photo fair the other day where I bought a red, Leica shutter button for my M5. While it probably won’t make me a better photographer, it sure looks pretty fucking good.

check it out

I went to Green Apple today after blowing through a couple rolls and saw “I, Tokyo” by Jacob Aue Sobol in the used section. I almost wet myself. It’s long out of print and fetches upwards of $200 used. I quickly tried to buy it, but Green Apple isn’t as dumb as I thought. It turns out that they had put it there accidentally and it actually belongs in the valuable book cabinet with a $150 price tag. Fuck me.

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john sutcliffe

Machine and Viscosities

The medium traverses the machine. It skitters and jumps appearing to flow at the limit of our senses and we become aware that this is something with which we are familiar. It is truth and falsity presented in a groundless fashion. The sound and flicker should be bringing forth hazy images of our childhood. Yet there is nothing here – only the sensation of colour streams and viscosities. Slice – image – slice – image. Machine and material fight for supremacy. The machine always wins. Techne.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 22.21.39


Dripping and sliding

Intensities forming on the screen of our brain

Drawing paths and lattices on its fractal grounds

Cartographic snapshots of some unknown landscape



Shape Shifting

I suck pleasure form the surface,

Then from some region deep within another layer rises,

Almost touching the sexual,

I snag and pull,

tear and rip,

Twisting tensions.

Cutting and slicing…

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Drink Tea Be Social

Capture“She understood the world a lot better than I did”

Eric Lim, the mind who started “The Forge”, did not come about with his short film from a third party perspective. However, the film comes from a place where Eric Lim wanted to do something about the tragic thing that happened to him.

“For anybody hurting like she was, use the pain” 

Tanya Lim, Eric’s sister, committed suicide after a brief phone call with his brother in a way to bid goodbye. A wonderful and amazing take on the struggles of suicide and depression, “The Forge” did not have a big budget to work with. The productiont eam hardly had any.

In an anti-suicide message to all, “The Forge” was produced. Check out the video below.

What do you think about “The Forge”? Have you had any experiences similar to what Eric faced? Let us know in the comments below.

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Vă spuneam mai demult de un festival de la Cluj. Electric Castle Festival, de el e vorba. Atunci am amintit așa în treacăt de el și de a lui povestea.

În 21 iunie se dă startul la o serie de concerte si multe alte evenimente. Locația e Castelul Banffy, situat la 31km de Cluj, în localitatea Bonțida. Castelul și domeniul Banffy au o istorie interesantă care începe pe la 1437, an ce coincide cu începerea ridicării castelului. Mai multe detalii despre cine, ce, cum și când aflați aici. Acum că am lămurit cu locul, să trecem la concerte și alte activități.

bontida1Păi în cele trei zile de festival vor concerta Yelllow, Les Elephants Bizarres, Robin & The Backstabbers, Morcheeba, Șuie Paparude, Roa, CTC, Gojira & Plante H, Saboar, James Zabiela, RFDJ, Synops, Dubase, K-lu b2b Sauce, Mike One, și mulți, mulți alți. Și am uitat să precizez vor…

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T.Whitaker Photography

I’ve recently fallen in love with two vintage film cameras that I own, and have my heart set on eventually owning a classic Leica M3. My love of these cameras has drawn me to notice something when sitting them next to my newer cameras. Side by side sit my digital bodies which are the 550D, 40D and the X-E1 and the film Asahi Pentax and the Canonet. It’s then that something becomes very apparent when you pick them up and hold them in the hand, they certainly don’t make ‘em like they used to.


I should make a note of why I am so keen on this aspect of the things I own.  I’m also a Graphic Designer as well as a Photographer.  My long time best friend is a brilliant Industrial Designer and comes up with some amazing concepts and products. Working with him has rubbed off on me…

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