T.Whitaker Photography

I’ve recently fallen in love with two vintage film cameras that I own, and have my heart set on eventually owning a classic Leica M3. My love of these cameras has drawn me to notice something when sitting them next to my newer cameras. Side by side sit my digital bodies which are the 550D, 40D and the X-E1 and the film Asahi Pentax and the Canonet. It’s then that something becomes very apparent when you pick them up and hold them in the hand, they certainly don’t make ‘em like they used to.


I should make a note of why I am so keen on this aspect of the things I own.  I’m also a Graphic Designer as well as a Photographer.  My long time best friend is a brilliant Industrial Designer and comes up with some amazing concepts and products. Working with him has rubbed off on me…

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