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JBIPix - A Personal Photoblog

Waterfront Tall Ships Festival 2013. The Re-enactments. Toronto, Ontario. Part 4. Nikon DD800e and 28-300 VR lens.











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itaga sa bato

Evening sky

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In September of last year The Impossible Project announced an interesting new venture. The Impossible Instant Lab is a device that allows you to print directly from your smartphone using the Polaroid style instant print technology.



Currently designed for iPhones, the project was initially launched on Kickstater. Using a companion app, you place your phone face down onto the cradle on top of the device. Which then exposes the instant film with the image your printing.

Today the company announced that the device will be released August 29th for sale and will retail at a hefty $299.


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Allan Rufus Travelogue

Sundowners and Night view from Octave Rooftop Lounge and Bar At Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit 57  – Bangkok – Thailand

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© Copyright on all photographs – Allan Rufus

UPDATE! There is a new price list for drinks now as the venue has become quite popular! January 2014!

(If you are in Bangkok, then this new and unknown spot is a great place to come for sunset (Unlucky for me, no sun to see set this day) to get some photos of Bangkok from a high point while having a beer, cocktail or “just keep walking” Johnnie Walker whisky. The price of a beer was B170.00 and during happy hour you got 2 for the price of 1). There are about 3 or 4 floors where you can sit and drink and places to sit…

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The Three Hundred Sixty Five Days of Alison

So you know all those photos in magazines selling wine or brandy? So elegant the way the smooth liquid runs down the page and perfectly circles the glass. It makes me thirsty just thinking of it. I decided to try to recreate that today. Thirst quenched.

I gathered my supplies (white craft paper, work shop lights, ironing board, make shift glass holder, zap straps and duct tape) and locked myself in my photography studio (laundry room) and went to work. IT’S HARD!

apparently rolls of white craft paper doesn’t quite substitute for a photography screen. and clearly big industrial work lamps don’t take the place of proper lighting.

and no, red food colouring doesn’t accurately represent a bold merlot.

and I clearly need to learn how to pour.


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