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knifeThey didn’t come quietly.

They never do; not in the townships where gangs need to impress, create fear, and rule without mercy. Being part of a gang will provide free drinks at the shebeen, the respect of everybody in the community and an unlimited supply of young girls. It also makes you untouchable – nobody will challenge you in anything. Gangs control everything from horse racing to drugs, making the strongest of the strong fabulously rich.

There is a price, of course: every member has to participate in the raids and fights that is part and parcel of the power struggles in gangland. This is where members have to prove their worth; the more ruthless the action, the higher they climb in the order of the group.

However, the ideal is to attack a defenceless individual. Here, the action is fast and furious and the results, atrocious.

Cathy’s father had …

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