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Everyone You Know…

J.R. Johnson


From an NPR article on a global “self-portrait” scheduled for July 19th. Thank you, Carl, for putting us all in perspective.

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Quick! To The Lab!

All over my campus there are posters and flyers informing me that post-secondary education is a right, not a privilege, and that I should joint the fight against rising tuition fees. Many places in Canada, where a majority of the universities are public, have recently been protesting against similar hikes in tuition or just to drop current fees.


I live and attend school in Ontario where tuition rates (undergrad and graduate) are the highest in the country. Here are some facts (fun!):


  • We have the worst per-student funding in the country
  • We have the largest class sizes
  • Collective student federal debt in Canada is about $15 000 000 000 (ON student share is about $9 billion)
  • Average student debt after graduation = $37 000
  • 95% of grad students cannot access an ON graduate scholarship
  • More than 25 other countries have some form of free post-secondary education

The situation…

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It’s an old joke, of course. A man is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s but his doctor tells him to go home and forget about it.
Ha ha.
My father had Alzheimer’s. He died in 2007 having forgotten his family and himself and just about everything else. It was tragic, given that he had had such a marvellous mind throughout his life. He was a psychiatrist and a good man who helped a lot of people.
My mother has now been diagnosed with the same disease.
In case you don’t know, Alzheimer’s Disease is a form of dementia. The victim forgets who they are and who everyone else is and can’t properly look after themselves. There is no cure.
I remember what my mother went through when Dad was diagnosed and slipped away from us. I was living in another town at the time, 600 kilometres away, but I visited them as…

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The Proactionary Transhumanist

Beautiful transcension of a benevolent light,
Displacing the forlorn figures of mortality’s blight
Into cyber-space, I’m out of sight
Declaring warfare against biology’s might
This is our time
We demand for more time
I know we can make it, this is our climb
This is not a crime,
It’s a struggle against the grime
Redesigning everything, a new paradigm

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