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Sempiternally Fragmented

The very first song that I heard in my childhood. And after all these years its still my all time favorite. It may be a bit depressing but the lyrics tell the truth for a lot of things that seem to occur. Once someone ruins the trust between you it doesn’t always seem to work out. Saying sorry maybe out of common curtesy but then why do something you know is wrong? Only to end up apologizing but not being able to take back your actions? Words speak louder then what occurs at times. But saying sorry won’t fix everything.

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Panorama of the Mountains

I’m a sucker for West African guitar styles and horns and thus immediately drawn to “The Secret is Out” by Seattle’s Cascadia ’10.  You can see an interview with the band and a performance of the track in the clip below.

What’s burning up your ears and your stereo speakers this week?

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Destroy Thee

You’re all invited!

Truth Hurts, and Other Lies of Non-Fiction

An OpenBook Event from the Freelance Writers’ Guild of the Philippines (FWGP)

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Boy Howdy

I’ve mentioned this song in a previous post, but it’s just so good it deserves its own. As a good friend described this song to me, it is Van She to Jamaica as it is Toto to Africa. To me, this is my #1 summer song right now. Enjoy!

10 bucks goes to the first person who can correctly tell me everything the Jamaican dude says in the beginning!

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Vampire weekend pour une matinée ensoleillée !


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OVO’s next sound drops his first album. Can he fill the void left by The Weeknd? We’ll see.

Download via WeTransfer

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Be Happy, Always.


It’s that time of the month again… I’ve been going a little bit crazy when it comes to music the past few weeks. It’s because I’m out of school and what else is better to do while practicing some math? Finding new artists that I can listen to. I recently discovered some “Indie” bands such as the The xx and Vampire Weekend and let me tell you, they are amazing. Of course, I am still going to include a few of my already loved bands. Music is something that I grew up with and is already a part of me. Right now though, I’ve compiled some songs that have made it to my June Music Favourites. These songs are also great for you to put into your 2013 summer playlist.. July is rolling around the corner and I sure hope you’re getting as much sun as I am here up…

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