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Best Movie Musical Moments #: Ryan Gosling- You Always Hurt The Ones You Love

After rewatching “Before Sunset” and that beautiful final scene, I began thinking of those movie moments where a acoustic musical number was simple and nice rather than douchey and pretentious.

“Blue Valentine” is an underrated (and depressing) gem. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling play an couple going through serious problems, and- at least how I interpreted it- they efforts to fix their marriage aren’t quite sufficient. However, as viewers we see them as young, innocent, possibly naive kids who fall in love through ukulele talent, songs about the Presidents, and genuine affection. (may I also add their song, “You and Me”…). There is something so heartbreaking about seeing a marriage in ruins and then seeing how it all started so optimistically and beautifully.

The handsome, talented Ryan Gosling sings this in front of some store windows. It is amazing.

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