During my weekly attempts to refurbish my page, I remember to put down “(UN)Popular Music” down as a teaching specialism.

This was a seminar series I ran for a few years which I might revamp if given half a chance in future.  The first seminar activity involved asking students to identify and describe the kind of music they most passionately hated. 

Of course, the exercise was itself rather generationally anachronistic in that many young people these days do not think it important to hate, to absolutely hate, particular kinds of music with the same ferocity that my generation did at their age.  The kind of zero-sum, mutually exclusive tribalism that I remember as being part and parcel of teenagerdom is a thing of the past.  I sort of miss the hatred, if only as a symptom of passion.

The other major  problem with generational revolutions in hating music…

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