Mumbai: Always looking good can be a tedious job, admits Nargis Fakhri, who entered the Bollywood with “Rockstar”. But at the same time she feels it is important to take special care of skin and hair, especially during monsoon, and shares her beauty regime.

“I think looks are important but not as important as your skill as an actor is. It’s your craft and your ability to perform needs to shine. The audience will come to see a pretty girl on the screen, maybe twice, but after that they want you to bring more to the table,” Nargis told IANS in an exclusive interview.

Even though the actress has been blessed with a flawless beauty, she said it is “annoying” to look her best at all times.

“It all depends on what your idea of perfection is. It’s not a struggle as much as it is annoying and time consuming. I enjoy fashion, so I like experimenting with looks, but make-up is one thing I could do without,” she said.

Having said that, for the actress taking care of her tresses and skin during monsoon is important.

“I need a beauty regime that guarantees results. In monsoon, my hair becomes unmanageable as the moisture in the air swells up the hair. I get the ultimate conditioning benefit by the 20 minutes’ deep conditioning treatment with hot, coconut-based hair oil. It works wonders for my tresses,” said the actress.

“It is also important to keep your scalp dry during monsoon as dampness leads to hair fall. I try to carry an umbrella when I step out in rains to ensure my hair isn’t exposed to the rain water,” she said.

Talking about her skin care regime, Nargis said she makes it a point to cleanse and moisturise her skin in rainy weather.

“Cleansing and moisturising your skin is very important during monsoon. All my skin care products are light, so they allow my skin to breathe in the humid weather. I never skip moisturising my skin with a natural ingredients-based moisturiser. This beauty ritual is important in all seasons.”

“Last but not the least, drinking plenty of water is always a good idea as it keeps skin hydrated and supple,” she said.

The actress also makes it a point to wear comfortable and light clothes in the rainy season.

“Clothes made of any light fabric, which can be dried easily, are perfect for monsoon. Cottons are my personal favourite. I avoid wearing light coloured clothes as getting off mud stains can be a task. Plus, carrying wet wipes always comes in handy if you ever receive an unexpected splash,” she said.

What is your style statement this monsoon?

“Comfortable and easy, I stick to shorts and t-shirt with gum boots,” she said.Image