London: Actor Hugh Jackman says his character Wolverine in the upcoming ‘X Men’ franchise is vulnerable in every way.

The 44-year-old’s character faces loneliness in ‘The Wolverine’ and is anguished over the death of close friends and his love Jean Grey, reported Contactmusic.

“In this story, he becomes literally vulnerable in every way. Not just emotionally, but physically vulnerable, and those implications were fun to play,” Jackman said.

“You see Logan at his lowest point at the beginning of this movie; the tragedy of his wasted life. For the sake of not only himself but everyone around him, he thinks it’s better to be away because when he comes back to the world, there’s destruction and pain,” Jackman added.

‘The Wolverine’ is set post the events of the movie ‘X Men: The Last Stand’, which was released in 2006.

“I have a hero who has lost everything and everyone, some at his own hands. In some cases the casualty of being [nearly] immortal is that you outlast the mortals you love and you have to go on forever without them.

“For me, finding a character in that predicament of being lost emotionally, but not depressed, was the classic predicament of Westerns and samurai films,” says James Mangold, the director of the film.