Fruitvale Station chronicles the days and hours leading up to the historic murder of Oscar Grant. Written and directed by Ryan Coogler, the film offers a glimpse into the life of Oscar Grant and seeks to humanize the 22-year old man senselessly murdered by a BART cop in 2009.

I saw the film on Friday night in the historic Norris Theater. As you may know, this location was significant for a variety of reasons. I had the privilege to hear Ryan Coogler recount how he met a good portion of his Fruitvale team at USC and got to screen it with fellow Trojans, many of whom are filmmakers. But most importantly, just less than two months ago an incident involving 79 LAPD officers, blatant racism, excessive force and 6 wrongful arrests occurred less than a mile away from campus, making the film all too real and close to home.


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