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Nameless Horror

Cinema Review

There seems to have been a rash of films about the end of the world recently but though the word apocalypse get thrown around a lot to describe these films this time it’s actually the original apocalypse as featured in the all-time best-selling horror compilation The Bible (also still topping the charts as the book bought most often without ever reading).

It is refreshing that in this film there are no actors playing other characters as every one of the main cast is playing themselves or at least a very embarrassing parody of themselves or in the case of Seth Rogen the same part he plays in all his films so far. The story is that Jay Baruchel goes to visit his friend Seth Rogen in Los Angeles for a quiet session of talking drugs and playing computer games. While there Seth talks the reluctant Jay into going…

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White Cloud Screenwriting


My Facebook Newsfeed is awash with Skins series 7 related pages and messages. The show is entering its final year on the air; a year dedicated to showing what the adult lives of its teenage characters are like. Seems like a nice bookend to a series about growing up.

I do however think a universe could’ve existed where Skins would still be airing new episodes in five or even ten years time. I’m hard pressed to find anyone in my age group who hasn’t watched at least a couple episodes of the show. Most people I’ve spoken to were massive fans at one point or another. I’m a fan of the show as well, even though the most time I’ve spent in England is four hours in Heathrow Airport. It’s a very “of this generation” show. Not only was it about teenagers, there were also many teenagers in the…

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eat. sleep. etsy.


scrf1An amazing way to capture your life is through polaroids and film cameras. You never truly know how they will turn out until you print them. With cameras today you can delete the pictures if you don’t like them, but those are the pictures with the best memories. And don’t be afraid to capture every moment if you do have one! Lighting & Fade



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According to Billboard, there will be a documentary coming out, “As I AM: The Life And Times Of DJ AM,” which will obviously be about DJ AM. DJ AM, or Adam Goldstein, died on August 28, 2009 due to an overdose, resulting from his extreme drug addiction.  The documentary will feature many interviews from artist and industry professionals ranging from Steve Aoki, Travis Barker, and Pasquale Rotella to name a few, that will discuss and show moments from his life. The documentary will be released later this year.

Written by: Dominic Laudadio


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Geek of Critique

One of the greatest things about William Shakespeare’s plays is how eminently adaptable they are. They have so many layers and are so timeless that they seamlessly move through eras allowing for stagings in an almost endless variety. Which, while not always successful, does bring these wonderful plays to new and disparate places culturally.

Geek media royalty, Joss Whedon is our adapter this time as he brought all of his actor friends to his home (which serves as the set and is GORGEOUS) and filmed this modern retelling of Shakespeare’s ode to the love that hides under hate. The black and white photography and the use of The Bard’s words are the only “throw back” elements while everything else is thoroughly modern day.

Having seen many adaptations of Shakespeare in the past, locking into the speech wasn’t so difficult, although the obvious modern setting surrounding this very specific type of…

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