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Aron Demetz shows recent works in a new sculpture exhibition titled “Keimzeit / Germinale” (time of germination in German) in Pietrasanta starting Saturday, the 6th of July.

The artist, who hails from the Alto Adige region in northern Italy, is known for his wooden figures, some  covered in resin and some charred – he represented the Italian Pavilion at the 2009 Venice Biennale. His new pieces, on view at the Barbara Paci Gallery, in Pietrasanta’s Piazza del Centauro, are strange icons of modern man’s relationship with nature. The figures are raw, and ominous, they emerge from, and inhabit, an organic nature and stand as mysterious cyphers, seemingly unfinished. Demetz has chosen to leave the surfaces rough, the material itself speaks in wood grain, fissures – the hair-like tufts give the works an almost embryonic force that emanates from them, as if they might still evolve and mutate…

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