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To begin a summer series on British Art, the Tate and St Ives, Richard Unwin considers the implications of Tate Britain’s chronological rehang, arguing that, when it comes to museums, simple is often best.

As has been recently argued here at The Art Collective, London is a world-class city in which to view art, with hundreds of thousands of visitors pouring through its museums each year. Rather than specific artworks or exhibits, though, London’s reputation tends to rest more on its collective offerings, the cumulative quality and depth of collections and the contemporary professionalism of their display. In part, this is due to the fact that Britain does not have a historical roll call of famous artists to match the likes of Italy, France, the Low Countries, or Spain. Whilst housing a wealth of international art, London is also not the place to view the world’s most notable masterpieces. If you come to the UK or…

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