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Watched Film #1,222 from icheckmovies.com

A girl walks across a road. She’s wearing her Father’s Belt and her Mother’s blouse…she’s looking out into a field…and this pretty much sets the tone for the entire film.

Stoker is very much a slow burner, but an intriguing and engaging film all the same. We follow India Stoker, an introverted soul, mourning the loss of her father, living with her mother in a large house. It’s not until her Uncle turns up, to throw the family into a subtle disarray, that we start to see their family life unfolding.

Charles Stoker is besotted with India, taking a very keen interest in her in a way which constantly feels awkward and a little bit wrong, whilst forging a friendship with his Brother’s widow.

But it’s India’s character arc which is the main focus, and what a journey she goes on. I cannot say too…

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