The Highlighter

by Sofia Lizza

“I remember that it hurt. Looking at her hurt.”

Rusty Borgens (Nat Wolff) can’t get his mind off Kate, the girl in his high school English class. Aspiring to become a writer like his semi-celeb father, Bill Borgens (Greg Kinnear) and collegiate sister, Samantha (Lily Collins), Rusty resorts to romanticized journal writing.

But Bill, instead of focusing on his own writing for the past three years, prowls his ex-wife, Erica’s (Jennifer Connelly) house. Erica has moved on, but Bill idealistically reminds himself that she will return.

Quick-witted Samantha has a cynical attitude towards love. It is only when Samantha meets her gentleman caller, Lou’s (Logan Lerman) terminally ill mother, does she change. Wolff, Collins and Lerman deliver solid performances, capturing the awkwardness, playing-hard-to-get tactic, and confusion when first entering a relationship. Kinnear and Collins compellingly portray divorced spouses and the hope for rekindling the flame.

Casting Director Tracy Kilpatrick…

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