Holiday is here!! it’s cold in the south, it feels colder than usual, i think. i wake up in the morning, bowsing right after(then what i’m doing on browsing?) looking for the updates for my own laptop. the technology develops as glimpse. my 5 years-old-laptop isn’t really good anymore.

holiday is very boring, everything i do is watching anime. i watch many slice of life animes, i really like it. but if something is done frequently and not enjoyed, it will be such a boring thing. then what else i do in this holiday?

i don’t know why it’s so hard to open the physics textbook i borrowed from my colleague. meanwhile it is easier to open the chemistry textbook(although both are hard to be opened, read, and studied). but i really have to do it in order to chase after my dreams.

i will undergo the new school year…

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