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One of my fondest memories is discovering Tintin for the first time in a very dark corner of an empty high school library in West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea.

It wasn’t my school—I was seven or eight at the time. The library was empty because it was a Sunday, and it was dark because the school’s generator had broken down. I was there because my father was fixing that generator.

He often took me with him when he attended jobs in interesting places; I don’t know if it’s because he wanted my company, or because he wanted me to see interesting places. Maybe it was both. Or maybe it’s because I was pretty low maintenance for a kid: give me a corner full of books, and I’d be happy for hours.

As I traipsed about an Egyptian tomb with Tintin and Snowy, delving ever deeper into their…

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The Carrendar Chronicles

Roleplay Live : Group : A Pirate’s life.


As the Cod piece turns.


CharlotteCarrendar:- ~What do you do with a drunken sailor? What do you do with a drunken sailor? What do you do with a drunken sailor? …early in the morning..~ A very good question one might ask, if they were to witness the drunken antics of a mad Englishman, who was surrounded by sailors, going through wet ladies frilly undergarments, pulled from the deep. One pirate was quite taken with a fancy brassiere, till Moon swiped it off him and then picked up some of the other pretty frillies. “Get back to swabbing the deck…and no more dressing funny…bad enough these…things are on board!” Glaring at the other pirates, he snatched one lace corset and then marched down to his quarters, where the lovely Rachael would hopefully be resting. Opening the door, he stuck…

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The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Good Evening:

Nostalgic? San Francisco? Nostalgic?!

Superficially, this seems impossible for a city as young as this one: furthermore, if San Francisco is not change, then San Francisco is not at all. Personally, I don’t feel nostalgic for much; although I have little cause for complaint about my past, I have too much in my future (and too much fun in my present) to have time to look back. Nonetheless, some people do very well with nostalgia. Herb Caen’s columns during his final years tended to reminisce in great detail about friends departed and nightclubs shuttered.

And then there are these guys:


Some day in the distant, distant, very distant future, archeologists will stare at these 8 foot tall monoliths on the Pacific Coast with their flat gazes and enigmatic smiles and wonder what sort of civilization created them, why they created them, why each one is slightly different, and…

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through the luminary lens

Washington State


















nhathanh0001c brandt




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HA's Place

I have signed up for’s Word of the Day and hence, I find a new word to learn if it is new for me and revise it again if I had heard of it before and understand it. It is an interesting exercise according to me.

The words are never ending: I can not think of a person who knows and understands them all. We as writers must strive to improve our vocabulary. Because these words come handy when we are writing. Sometimes we are not able to think of a word which could suit an emotion in our poem, but there is a word out there waiting to be explored.

Not only writers, but everyone must make efforts to increase their vocabulary on a regular basis. I was once determined to do it but it ended very soon. Hence, I am back to it.

So, what am I…

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Tyson Adams


On the internet there is a scam born every minute. Whilst I love to receive email from Nigerian royalty, ads for another penis enlargement (the first one was enough, thanks), and fat loss supplements that promise not to kill me, there is a line I have to draw in the sand: scamming writers.

Most writers are hobbyists, writing because they love it. The handful that do get paid enough to be full-time writers are few and far between. So targeting writers with scams means that somewhere a monkey at a keyboard is not being fed today.

Yesterday in a writers discussion group a question was raised about whether a New, Amazing, Adjective, program that promises to give you the tools to write a 400 word article in 7 minutes.

Dear Fellow Article Writer (TA: read as mark or sucker),

Did you watch the video above? It’s hard to believe…

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Today I conclude my ”Urban Portraits” poetry series with a poem from a previous post which I think captures that whole idea of city life and ties this whole series together. My decision to copy a poem from a previous post, partly influenced by watching the film, ”The Great Gatsby” the other day.

Enjoy and thanks for liking all the previous posts thus far!


Images of an Emperial City


New York.

See the behemoth structures lining up in rows; steel and concrete giants reaching up to the heavens.

Hear the thudding of feet across the busy streets, taxis screaming, the roar of trains in the sultry subway, the newsboys cry, ” Get ya Times ‘ere!” filling the air.

Smell the assemblage of sweat, animal and human excretion, hot underground air, coffee shops and expensive leather Armani’s.


An American Rome with its navy blue-suited centurions and plain-clothed…

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Holiday is here!! it’s cold in the south, it feels colder than usual, i think. i wake up in the morning, bowsing right after(then what i’m doing on browsing?) looking for the updates for my own laptop. the technology develops as glimpse. my 5 years-old-laptop isn’t really good anymore.

holiday is very boring, everything i do is watching anime. i watch many slice of life animes, i really like it. but if something is done frequently and not enjoyed, it will be such a boring thing. then what else i do in this holiday?

i don’t know why it’s so hard to open the physics textbook i borrowed from my colleague. meanwhile it is easier to open the chemistry textbook(although both are hard to be opened, read, and studied). but i really have to do it in order to chase after my dreams.

i will undergo the new school year…

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