The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Good Evening:

Nostalgic? San Francisco? Nostalgic?!

Superficially, this seems impossible for a city as young as this one: furthermore, if San Francisco is not change, then San Francisco is not at all. Personally, I don’t feel nostalgic for much; although I have little cause for complaint about my past, I have too much in my future (and too much fun in my present) to have time to look back. Nonetheless, some people do very well with nostalgia. Herb Caen’s columns during his final years tended to reminisce in great detail about friends departed and nightclubs shuttered.

And then there are these guys:


Some day in the distant, distant, very distant future, archeologists will stare at these 8 foot tall monoliths on the Pacific Coast with their flat gazes and enigmatic smiles and wonder what sort of civilization created them, why they created them, why each one is slightly different, and…

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