Today I conclude my ”Urban Portraits” poetry series with a poem from a previous post which I think captures that whole idea of city life and ties this whole series together. My decision to copy a poem from a previous post, partly influenced by watching the film, ”The Great Gatsby” the other day.

Enjoy and thanks for liking all the previous posts thus far!


Images of an Emperial City


New York.

See the behemoth structures lining up in rows; steel and concrete giants reaching up to the heavens.

Hear the thudding of feet across the busy streets, taxis screaming, the roar of trains in the sultry subway, the newsboys cry, ” Get ya Times ‘ere!” filling the air.

Smell the assemblage of sweat, animal and human excretion, hot underground air, coffee shops and expensive leather Armani’s.


An American Rome with its navy blue-suited centurions and plain-clothed…

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