So I got a haircut. Those who know me know how unbelievably excited I get about haircuts. It’s the impermanent creative outlet that I love; tattoos are there for life, piercings leave scars, but hair? Hair grows. Also the scalp massages.

On scalp massages for a minute: there was a new girl, and lord did she know her way around a scalp massage. Starting at the edge of the hairline, working her way along the temples, towards the base of the scalp, and down the knotted-elastic-band-like neck muscles. I know massage. And this girl, she was good. It was one of those minutes where you think things like “my body is literally going to melt into puddles on the floor”. 

So the cut. I finally manned  up and got the left side (from the side part down) of my head shaved until just behind the ear. Probably a 2mm guard…

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