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“The regime does not believe it can win a war against the United States,” says Trita Parsi, but “it does believe it can survive it. It does not believe, however, that it can survive capitulation on the nuclear issue.”

iran-nuclear-program-jpg_86099_20130223-153Dr. Parsi, President of the National Iranian American Council, argues that the regime in Iran is more worried about domestic support than the threat of war with the US. Ironically, economic sanctions are supposed to undermine this support and persuade the regime to give up its nuclear program.  It seems that they are failing to achieve this objective.

One possible reason for this has to do with Iran’s internal politics: the core supporters of the regime are not only the most powerful in Iran, they are also the only ones with a strategy for dealing with the West.  In the absence of a homegrown Iranian alternative to the regime’s…

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