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*Please note that “we” here is actually just S.K. As you may have put together through her tone and voice and all the poetry that gets posted, Sara’s doing the bulk of the posting here, so really, she– somehow unable to drop the third person– is the one celebrating Abramović, and actually can’t speak for A.M. on this front. Anyway, with that cleared up, onward to some light gushing.

That video of Marina Abramović’s unplanned meeting with Ulay at her 2010 MoMA retrospective has made me cry on more than two occassions. Similarly, I was quite excited to see this Vine-video (I don’t “vine” or whatever the verbage is) of Jay-Z and Marina Abramović at the Pace Gallery.

If you have no idea who this Abramović character is, start with her Wikipedia page. Then read about the MoMA exhibit referenced in the title of this post. Okay, then watch…

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