more stars than in the heavens


It occurred to me just now, in checking my 250 film tag, that my last favorite film was another Christian Bale film.  Since I am mostly an old-timey kind of girl, I don’t want you all getting the wrong idea about me.  There will be Stany and Buster and Bogie and plenty more coming up soon.  I’m a (wo)man of my word.  But it’s such a hot stinking day here, and it reminds me so much of another hot stinking July midnight almost exactly five years ago: when I saw The Dark Knight (2008) at the stroke of twelve, and discovered the rare superhero movie that has not only stayed with me all this time, but that seemed, and seems, to have surprisingly important things to say.  You’re welcome to disagree, and to dismiss me as a nitwit, but I cannot tell you the hours I’ve spent considering…

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