All Is Well In Montanel

The Tour roars through here this week; Avranches is ALL decked out with flowers and flags and lines across every street, strung 20′ apart (that’s a lot of Tshirts blowing in the wind) with miniature replicas of the  jerseys — maillot — from the maillot jaune of the leader, to the maillots à pois, or red polka dot for king of the mountains — — to who is the  time trial leader — on it goes — each accomplishment their  jersey — with all of France  READY for the WHISH through each village and town.

The air is electric.

It’s fairly different watching the Tour in person — as it goes by in 10 seconds. So fast, en fait, that I didn’t get an actual PIX of it  — not quite quick enough! But oh boy Wednesday.

First the outrageously decked advertising cars and trucks roll by, DJs…

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