Marina Chetner

Downtown LA has been undergoing a renaissance of sorts, most notably in the Arts District, a short drive from the downtown core. The first artist-in-residence ordinance was enacted in 1982, and a second wave of tenants are now being drawn to this diamond in the rough. Artists are working alongside food artisans, tech entrepreneurs, boutique owners, and architecture students.

Not unlike a roughly sewn patchwork piece, Los Angeles county comprises many diverse neighbourhoods and cities. The Art District follows a similar model, just with less planning. Here, an enclave covers roughly two or three blocks until it ends… you cross a few streets, and another starts up again. Each of these pockets are marked by: at least one prominent restaurant (look up: Church & State, Bestia, Urth Caffe, or Wurstkuche); a cafe that roasts its own coffee and/or bakes its own bread; warehouse-to-loft conversions; and a grocery store. Street…

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