still from "Candelabra"

This film is emblematic of why I’ve started this blog.  Even if meant implicitly through its pre-premiere interviews, presenting Liberace’s relationship with Scott Thorsen as a “typical” or normal long-term gay male relationship is like calling Jesus’s relationship with Mary Magdalene a typical heterosexual marriage.  In reality, and Scott Thorson’s subsequent palimony suit and book, Thorson’s relationship with Liberace was “explicitly” a kind of marriage, given the ties and responsibilities both men had with one another, however brief.

But a feature film–which this is, regardless of its homophobic shuffling to premium cable–lands differently in our culture.  And regardless its fate, Douglas was made the front man for Soderbergh’s work (who maybe chose to let it stand for itself).  For the makers (especially Douglas, in terming younger actors playing gay as risky or ballsy somehow) to foist a a story like this as “typical” is like saying the Jersey…

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