Little Big World

by Wesley Morton

With a free port, no tariffs, seasonal sales, and a large, affluent population, it’s easy to see why Hong Kong hosts some of the largest shopping malls in the world.  Hong Kong, an island off the South East coast of China, packs a considerable amount of merchandise into a small amount of space.  With an area of 1104  km² (426 mi²) and 7.10 million inhabitants, Hong Kong is 3 times smaller than Rhode Island and the second most densely populated region in the world (6,480 people per km² or 16,876 people per mi²).  Additionally, the mountainous landscape allows only 3/4 of the area to be developed.  As a result, 5.1% of the land area has been reclaimed from the sea.

You might ask, “with so little what would be the best way to use the space available?”  The Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong had one idea. Malls.

Hong Kong now…

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