Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

How Machinima Is Diving Into Scripted Content Without Leaving Gamers In The Dust | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce.

What is machinima? Well, most video gamers will say that its the use of video game engines to create fan videos. In fact, the Machinima YouTube Channel is one of the most popular channels in all of YouTube. But Machinima has become more, as companies like Moviestorm and games like the Sims allow indie film directors to create decent film animation using the same principles as the most popular gamer fan videos using traditional machinima. So where is machinima going? With so many options available in the fan universe and filmmakers and composers alike starting to catch on to this new technology tool, we may soon find machinima is making a real splash in the film and music world. Who knows?

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