Pass the Popcorn. It's Movie Time!

I, Robot 2004This movie stars Will Smith and was directed by Alex Proyas. I liked this movie and I thought it was interesting. The roles the robots play in this movie are outrageous, it’s like people having slaves. I do not blame the way for which they began to act later in this movie.

Set in the future where people use robots as servants, there is one man who does not really like the robots. That man’s name is Del and he is investigating the murder of a man who works at U.S. Robotics. The main suspect is a robot named Sonny, which starts to raise even more questions. The reason it raises questions is that the robots are bonded by the Three Laws of Robotics. If Sonny did commit the crime it means he broke those 3 laws, which is suppose to be impossible.

The main problem is that if a…

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