I saw Pacific Rim last night in 3D and on the biggest, loudest movie screen I could. I thought it was fantastic, though I acknowledge it will more likely be so for its target audience.

I am a member of its target audience because of these factors:

  • I like big, action movies.
  • I like the sense of fantasy and positivity that Guillermo Del Toro brings to his movies.
  • I have a very clear memory of watching the famous flying kick scene in Godzilla vs Megalon on TV when I was a kid, and that hooked me on kaiju.
  • I watched a lot of Voltron as a kid, and that hooked me on giant people-driven robots battling monsters.

Pacific Rim is light on plot and characterisations. It’s chock full of amazing CGI that carries weight and damage and sound. It has epic clashes between giant robot-like machines and extra-dimensional monsters. They…

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