Words by Matt Willis

A couple weekends ago, Symbolic Motors, local to us here in San Diego, hosted a small “Cars and Coffee”-like gathering and open house at their service facility in the Sorrento Valley. Symbolic, whose headquarters and showroom are located in La Jolla, have been around for some time now and are considered one of the flagship dealers for high-end and exotic vehicles in Southern California. That being said, I had no doubt in my mind that this event was going to have a drab turnout…



The lot itself wasn’t huge by any means. There were a fair amount of people present, and cars continued to cycle in and out throughout the morning.



Just as I arrived and began shooting, this classic Lamborghini Countach rolled in…


This Lamborghini Gallardo has popped up at several local meets.


Couple of Porsches…


I’m a Porsche fan, but I’ve never taken any…

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