Ben's Bitter Blog

Yesterday, I was sitting on my computer most of the day, staring at it.  The cursor was staring back at me, blinking, laughing at me and challenging me to write some halfway decent words.  In other words, it has been making me very bitter.  When the thoughts don’t come and the creative spark doesn’t electrify me, I can’t eat, I can’t walk right or even sleep.  Well, I could eat, but the rice crispy treats and the steak and the Hot Pockets didn’t quite upset my stomach as much as usual.

I guess I could sleep too, but the nap I took was only 3 hours instead of the normal 4.  The shortness of my nap was really bothering me and got me thinking about sleep.  Why does it seem that sleep only comes when you don’t want it and you want it only when you can’t have it?  For instance, last night I was trying to play video games…

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