Judy Goodwin


Title:  Never Trust Your Cell Phone (collected of short stories)

Author: Carla Anne Acheson

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Genre: Literary

I don’t tend to read a lot of literary fiction–I had my fill of it in college as an English/Creative Writing major. That being said, I do enjoy short stories at times, particularly in horror, science fiction, or speculative fiction a la Twilight Zone or Kurt Vonnegut.

This book is an anthology of seven short stories, ranging in topic and length. My favorite was definitely the story upon which the anthology is named, “The Plane Trip.” This story in fact so reminded me of a particular Twilight Zone movie scene, and I wonder if that was the inspiration. I also enjoyed “A Pocket Full of Sunshine,” “Pausing for Thought,” and “Yin and Yang”. I didn’t like “The Hollow Man” or “Is That Normal” as much–they were rather depressing, and acted…

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