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Commander's Log Cover art
And Here The Wheel is proud to present episode eight of the Commander’s Log.

In this episode, Commander John Harper wanders the corridors of the Reidquat orbital station, La Soeur du Dan Ham. As anarchy reigns around him, John discusses his progress on the novel, catches up with Elite gossip and then bumps into a fellow Elite writer.

So come on in and have a listen to: Podcast # 8: ‘Sunny Reidquat Holidays’

Stellardrone provides the intro music once again and I’m sticking with Two Quiet Suns for the Outro.

Quite a few guest stars in this episode. I’d thank them all by name but that would give away the surprise wouldn’t it? So secret people who lent me their voices and their time to talk to me, thank you very much 🙂

Thanks for listening,


(Music courtesy of Stellardrone and Two Quiet Suns)

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