Priyanka Chopra’s video for her latest single Exotic is a great mix of the desi and videsi sounds and styles – contemporary Bollywood, rap and pop. And the video reflects these elements. PC is a beach babe and this song is surely inspired by her love for the sun and the sand. A wet and sultry PC splashes sea water and walks into the pool wearing gorgeous pair of high heels – playing to the fantasy of many men!

Priyanka’s styling, her outfits (really short ones) and her attitude exude loads of confidence and sex appeal. And must say she looks super hot in the ecru swimsuit. The singer-actor has gone all out to create the image of a sex siren – the boy shorts, golden pants and bustier, silver hot pants and bra, and sexy black short shorts all complement her personality. PC has also managed to create cool chemistry with rapper Pitbull, and ‘Miss World’ and ‘Mr Worldwide’ seem to be having a rocking time.

We definitely like this sultry avatar of PC and seriously hope that she does not go back to the cute-girl image she created in her first single In My City.

Watch the Exotic video and tell us if you think PC looks smoking hot in this one!