In India, superstars define the psyche of an era. And those who manage to carve a distinctive image that reflects the mood of their times end up being at the top. Here’s looking at the stars who have managed to create a huge fan following amongst the masses and classes alike…
There are stars and there are superstars. And what’s the one thing that separates them? It’s the X-factor. And the X-factor cannot be quantified or explained – it could be a larger than life image like Salman Khan, a charismatic and charming personality like Shahrukh Khan or the perfectionist streak like Aamir Khan that could draw them to their favourite star.

Then a huge number of fans come thronging to their house, start mauling their car, begin doting on every move they make and last but not the least rush to the theatres in larger numbers to watch them on the big screen. We take a look at Hindi cinema’s greatest crowd-pullers and what makes them special.