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The Lost Army of Cambyses

The Lost Army of Cambyses by Paul Sussman
(Grove Press, 2008, 288 pages)

The Lost Army of Cambyses is the debut novel of Paul Sussman. The story begins in 523 B.C. when the Persian emperor, Cambyses, sends an army of 5000 men across Egypt’s desert to destroy the oracle of Amun. That army never reached its destination. The entire army was swallowed up by a sandstorm in the middle of the desert, but the exact location of the army when it met its end is unknown. The novel then flashes forward to present day Egypt. There are three seemingly unrelated murders in Egypt. Inspector Yusef Khalifa of the Luxor police is investigating the deaths. As the novel progresses, Inspector Khalifa finds that the three deaths are related to the hunt for the place where the army of Cambyses was buried in the sandstorm.

Paul Sussman is a journalist and an…

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