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“…Old Mrs. Hempstock sniffed. “Now, don’t do anything stupid. Approach it with care. Bind it, close its ways, send it back to sleep.”

“I know,” said Lettie. “I know all that. Honestly. We’ll be fine.”

That’s what she said. But we weren’t.  “


After closing the last page of Neil Gaiman’s “The OcThe-Ocean-At-The-End-Of-The-Lane-by-Neil-Gaiman_thumbean at The End of the Lane” I am a bundle of feelings. It’s a novel to read in one breath, in one sit.

Gaiman’s narrative is so very sincere, so pure and believable – he draws horror from the eyes and the mouth of a seven-year old boy with such vivid words it’s hard for the reader to stand aside and not be there in the dark, there, drowning in the vastness of magic and real life scary things. Coming across death and going back from it, crying over lost possessions, crying over missing the…

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